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How to find a picture perfect wedding photographer for your special divine day?

By Perth Wedding Photographer WA. Perth’s premier wedding photographers.
“Capturing moments of magic at wonderful weddings all over Perth holding a reputation that is nothing short of excellence”

Everything we have goes into our photography for it is our desire and passion. Capturing moments as they happen, we p

roduce elegant authenticity and a realness like no other.

Why we are Perth’s top choice for wedding photography?

1. Compete capture captivation.
Covering a range of services to cater to your beautiful day, know that if there are photos you desire to be shot, we will be there to capture the entire lot.

Offering all wedding photography including:
– Ceremony Photos
– Reception Photos
– Portraits
– Landscape

There isn’t a moment we will miss. Click on the link to be directed to the service page to find out more information.

2. Special day, special people, special price.
Don’t blow your budget paying some ridiculous fortune for your wedding photographer, making you do nothing but frown every time you see a camera.

That frown will be turned upside down with Perth Wedding Photographer WA. With pricing packages available, you can save a pretty penny that you can put on your wedding where it matters most.

3. Top of the range photography equipment.
With the latest and greatest photography equipment of cameras, lighting, tripods and editing software, we have the goods to deliver the goods.

Cameras far more advanced than any off the shelf digital camera, you’re gracefully guaranteed fantastic quality shots that do not miss any detail.

4. Experienced Photographers.
With expert photography hands, a real passion for capturing memories and a desire to provide the very best wedding photographers that Perth can offer.

Offering an authentically elegant style of wedding photography that is truly of World Class standard and photo finish quality. You do not need to look any further.

5. Testimonials that tribute our talents
With a fun loving, easy going wedding photographers that couples have fallen in love with, Perth Wedding Photographers WA have built up trust testimonials.

We value our reputation and hold true to our desire of providing the very best we possibly can by immersing ourselves within the fullness of your divine wedding, rather than standing on the outside looking into the crowd.

6. Continually striving to be the very best.
We do all we can to constantly better our wedding photography. By expanding our knowledge, implementing ideas, and dedicating ourselves to our work.

Ever one of our images and albums are made with love for detail, with our ultimate goal of providing to you the very best we as wedding photographers in Perth.

7. Affordable and fair package prices.
Not only is it crucial for us to provide exceptional quality of photography, but also exceptional quality of value. In order to achieve this, we offer pampering prices. So we ask if you want a booking you can confidently say ‘I do’.

We include all the images into personalized albums both in hard and electronic copies as a part of our photography price. You wedding will be a photo blast.

8. Combining your wants with our skills.
In order to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your photography investment, we will create and tailor a package that is 100% suited to you.

Throw in a little bit of our magic experience into the mix and you will end up with a finished product much greater than you could have imagined.

9. Open to any requests.
So that everything you desire can be catered for, our services are open to any requests that you may have in regards to wedding photography.

Whether you want an additional service, some additional photographers, different locations, perhaps even some selfies. By all means ask and we will ensure you are looked after.

10. We love weddings.
What is the final piece of the puzzle that makes our Perth wedding photography hire truly the most outstanding? We love weddings!

We think weddings are absolutely amazing and so love to be a part of them in every which way we can, so by being the photographers we are privileged and proud.

Your big day is around the corner; imagine walking down the aisle in your perfect dress and your groom smiles at you while he waits at the altar.

If you want to make this big day memorable for the rest of your life, then hire a professional wedding photographer who can preserve all the precious moments of your wedding.

To capture certain themes for a wedding one must hire a professional wedding photographer to create enhanced effects adding into the beauty of the venue.

As wedding is a big step in one’s life, here are a few reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer for your big day.

Capturing your perfect Moment
Capturing eye-catching photographs during your big day are not as simple as it seems. Intricate details that you don’t notice in normal settings are captured by the wedding photographers.

A professional wedding photographer adds emotions into your photographs so that someone who has not attended the wedding can understand your mood and excitement at that time.

By taking group photos with your family, friends and loved ones, a wedding photographer makes sure not to miss out any special moment of your wedding.

Styles of Wedding Photography
By hiring a professional wedding photographer different styles of wedding photography can be incorporated. Three styles of wedding photography are becoming more common such as reportage, contemporary and traditional styles.

Couples who want their pictures to be captured in a natural setting prefer photo journalistic approach. People who want that their pictures must be taken carefully prefer traditional style, whereas brides, who want their photographs to be more glamorous and fashionable, prefer contemporary style.

Perfect Integration
A professional and experienced wedding photographer shooting your big day can turn the mediocre wedding photograph into exceptional wedding photographs.

An excellent wedding photographer takes wedding photographs with minimal disruption and creates special association with them. With perfect light and visual effect a professional wedding photographer perfectly gather the entire event into a beautiful wedding album.

By capturing minute detail of your special moment, a professional wedding photographer can give magical effect your to the ordinary photographs.

We at Perth Wedding Photographer WA share ideas and techniques to all their members so that they can keep up with new trends in photography.

Using different styles of wedding photography, Perth Wedding Photographer WA guarantees you some timeless photographs that are full of emotions and love that you can pass on to future generations.

Still not sure?
It is perfectly ok. We understand that choosing a wedding photographer is a big deal, and that is why we want to make the entire process in selecting us as easy as we can make it.

At the very least we would like to hear from you so we can inform you on how we could best cater to your wedding to assist in your selection.

The skills that can accommodate top all weddings.
Regardless of how big or small your wedding is, where it is being held, how many people are there, how long you need us for or whatever other variable factors are in place.

Know that we have the ability to accommodate and adapt our photography to each and every wedding so that the very best result is produced.

Waltz your way into the lens of our elegant photographers cameras and be blown aware in shutter specialty. For the best wedding photographers, Perth has to offer, contact us.

Pleasantly awaiting your contact.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to find out more. We are always willing to provide you with any information you desire and assist any way we can help make sure your wedding is a blast.

We hope that we have the opportunity to be a part of your wedding day and capture it for you. It is as simple as filling out the form to the right with your details or calling us on 08 6166 6170.

Happy Testimonials

“You captured all the memorable moments of the entire event undoubtedly and we didn’t even have to ask you to do anything specific which was the best thing.

In a place like Perth finding a distinguished and accomplished wedding photographer is difficult but you made our wedding photos extraordinary.”

Brett, Jane Brook.

“Our weddings was one of the most important days of our lives and we knew that capturing it elegantly would be challenging but Perth Wedding Photographer WA justified the word incredible and have helped made our wedding memorable.
We would specifically like to thank the talented wedding photographer who made tremendous efforts to capture the right moments and clicks.”

Tracey, Tapping

“Steve and I were indefinitely happy and kind of relived our wedding when we saw our wedding film and the pictures. You made so many shots look so amazing and filled with poise.

You contributed in making our day the best of all. Thank you for your efforts and time. You indeed deserve the title of best wedding photographer in Perth.”

Diane, East Perth

“Our wedding day was so close and we haven’t found any good photographer and then we accidentally went through the Perth Wedding Photographer WA. We immediately signed them for our wedding.

The wedding went hassle free and we did not even felt their presence as without intruding for a perfect shot, unlike other photographers, they clicked the right jiffy and moment.”

Michelle, Fremantle

“The best thing about the Perth Wedding Photographer WA is that they are extremely understandable and adjustable according to any wedding scenario.

We belong to Africa and had an exceptional style of wedding and capturing it required a skilled wedding photographer, and well we got just that!”

Dafina, Stirling.

“When Sarah and I saw the wedding photographs and videos, we were stunned at first to see that how graceful and beautiful we looked in the wedding.

You actually redefined our wedding the way we wanted and ensured all the parameters that were told by us. This is amazing. Thank you so much.”

Craig, Kelmscott.

“When we received the photographs and the video film of our wedding, the actual moments of our wedding were actually recreated in front of us.

We are extremely thankful to them helping us in the last moment and making our wedding look perfect and flawless on paper. You are perfectly entitled for the best wedding photographer in whole of Perth”

Gary, Como.

“Unlike other photographers, they lived up to our expectations and photographed our wedding in the best possible way. We were extremely happy and felt willfully joyous when we received the final wedding photographs and video.

Thanks to them and truly they are the best wedding photographers in Perth.”

Rachel, South Perth.